How do i hook up subs to a stock deck

1 keep my stock deck and hook up my speakers, not risking my door chimes and steering controls 2 change to an aftermarket deck (what would i have to purchase to keep my steering controls and door chimes working w/ cost) and still attempt to hook up the speakers. A stock head unit does not have enough power to power a subwoofer they do make a line level output that hooks into your rear speakers that will allow you to hook up an external amp and sub but the sound quality is crap. How do you hook up subs and an amp in a car will this work for the subwoofer output on the back of the stock stereo it is safe to hook speaker wires from .

Will new speakers alone make a big difference with stock honda stereo head 24 posts the wimpy little 8 thing that honda calls a sub sucked it rattled the rear deck and had no power so i . How to hook up amp n subs using stock headunit welcome to chrysler 200 forum : i been thinkin about droping my 2 10's down in the rear deck next to my 6x9s. Dude just unhook the speaker cables from stock speakers and hook up ur subs to them, it wont be as good as with an amp, but it will slump amazingly good inside the .

I am wanting to leave my stock speakers in the door (for now) and just have something so i can run a single set of rcas to the back to power a mono amp and a single sub if i use this converter will the stock speakers still work running off the deck unit or is that now gone and all sound will need to come from these two outputs. How do i hook up my amp to my stock deck ( stereo system)no rca wires i have a 2004 kia rio and i need to hook up my 300 watt amp to my stock stereo system there are no rca wires on the back of the stock deck but there is a high level input on my amp. If you would like to see a step by step installation of removing door panels, running wire, running rca cables and installing baffles click on mr marv's link above because he explains a basic set up for a double cabwhat i will show you is how to hook up an aftermarket amp to the stock stereo deck. Keeping the stock bose deck and amp will this work i seek advice on how to remove the rear deck to get the back speakers out how do i hook up subs in a 2000 .

Hook up an amp and sub to stock s-10 stereo deck how do i hook up a amp and sub to my stock radio im pretty sure it can be done where do i get the adapter would best buy be able to help me follow. Rear deck: 3-1/2 rear deck: 6x9 the subs can go in the stock 6x9 brackets with the adapter plates that would be a sweet setup how do i hook up subs in a . Since you already have the amp, sub and rcas i assume you know how to hook these up all you need to do is use a loc to convert the stock hu speaker outputs to rca so: stock hu speaker outputs to loc, and then run the rca cables from the loc to the amp. Can i hook up my amp to the stock deck for subs do i need an adapter or something hollywood is offline quote remove advertisements sponsored links custom dakotas .

How do i hook up subs to a stock deck

Wanna hook subs up 2 factory deck im new here and wondering if anyone knows if i can run a sub and amp off of my factory deck how to hook up subs in 2006 vw . I hooked up two 12's with an aftermarket amp to my oem deck first of all i dont think its possible to hook up subs to the factory amp if you do have one even if you did it wouldnt sound that good because the amp is powerful enough at rms to puch those subs so you would have to max out the amp to push the subs. You can do it, i advise against it though, as far as putting any power to your mid's and highs if you want to just hook up a subwoofer, i know jl audio make a clean sweep unit ment for vehicles where replacing the stock head unit isn't an option you could pick one o.

  • Subwoofer connectivity in the trunk be what all do i need to get the sub online and beating out converter to the back of the stock deck because there is no .
  • What you could do i think is crutchfield sells a amp that wires into the stock headunit they are used for people that want subs etc but with a factory look re: installing amp and speaker boxes to stock radio.

Hooking up a amp, 2 subs and cd player to chevy silverado i have a 1997 chevy silverado 1500 extended cab with a stock cd player thats seperate from the stock radio how do i hook up my amp,subs,and cd player. How to hook up a subwoofer system to a car’s stock stereo which can be found at backside of the deck once this is done, you can now run the wires back into . How to hook up a subwoofer to a home stereo some receivers do not have a sub out jack, and passive subwoofers require external amplification and, therefore, a . Very comparable to the type r not at all comparable to a type x they are great budget subs and i wouldnt necessarily give the type r any more credit however, if you are planning on keeping these sealed, keep looking.

How do i hook up subs to a stock deck
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